Thursday, August 25, 2016

High Fashion


I have been absent. I have been busy. I have not really been sewing :( But between the overtime I've been putting in for my job and all my social obligations, I've managed to knock together this project. It only took me like... A month. Enjoy!

I've had this shirt for a while. You may remember it from my inaugural serger post! I realized I don't hardly wear it because I really don't like the neckline. It's too close to a turtleneck for me and turtlenecks make me feel like I'm choking.

I decided to add the silky emerald bottom to the new top of a t-shirt! I dug around my refashion box and found this top. I love the gemstone pattern and I thought it would make for a haute 'mixed media' look. The top had weird sleeve tabs and two pockets ON the front...

Like, this is the chest. And these two tiny pockets are right next to each other. Whaaattt. 

So I picked off the weird shoulder roll tabs and the bizarre front pockets. I then cut the green top off under the arms and pinned it at where I wanted the high point to be in the front

Then I pinned it at the low point in the back

I folded the shirt in half and cut from the high mark in front down to the low mark in back

And then using some kind of intelligence, did the same with the green part, using the cut off from the gem shirt as a guide

Pinned right sides together, sewed, and serged

Tah dah! No, it's not crooked. I tried it on myself and it's perfectly straight. I have no idea why it looks so lopsided on Addie. 

And the back!

Side, where you can see the transition from high to low!

Once I run it though the wash, it should be smoothed out and ready for my high-fashion life!


Easy summer wear

I liked the patten and the fabric, which is 100% cotton. But I am not sure if I would want to wear such a long skirt during this hot summer weather, this easy makeover is very simple, everyone can try as long as you have a sewing machine.
First, cute the length you prefer, I cut it 2 inches above my knees, which left about 12" to make ruffs on the buttom.
How to lock the loose edge without a serger? I used #30 on the swing machine to enclosed the loose edge, and it worked.
IMG_4602   IMG_4603
I also wanted to tighten the circle below the bust, so I had to sew a narrow strip from the inside and hand-sew two button holes on the front to allow a thin rope to go through.
IMG_4608 IMG_4610
Now that was easy and super fast. We just completed a cool summer dress. Please click here for more designs and subscribe to my newsletter to receive many more re-fashion ideas every week!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paris Sport

I used this dress to sew along with the refashion runway tunic challenge that's coming up.

I dyed it, shortened it, and used the buttons for some embellishment on the neckline.

Plus, a good tunic just calls for a pair of boots so I refashioned these brown boots to go grey.

Check it out on my blog!


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Floral Tunic Top

When I found this light fun patterned article of clothing I thought it was a dress. Turns out it was a tunic thing with a large slit up both sides. This was one of my first refashions so the only picture I have is in a collage.
When I went to cut off the length, I noticed that the slits continued past where I wanted it to end for the top. I just seam ripped and put the sides back together and shortened the sleeves to a baseball tee length. I rounded the bottom hem because I was feeling the way it looked haha. The great thing is when I bought this top I also got two new(to me) pairs of shorts that fit perfectly, and they both go perfectly with this top! You can kinda see the red ish pain in the first picture and then the green in the other. The colors are almost exact and I had no idea when I bought them! 
Anyhoo, thanks for looking! If you want to see more refashions and step to step pictures you could always head on over to my blog! Click Here!

Knits and Wovens Mix

I've started to experiment with combining knits and wovens.  This is my most one elaborate to date, definitely influenced by Magnolia Pearl.  It was really a pleasure to add and subtract bits until it was "just right".
 I started with a tunic length sleeveless T.  The heart bits in the middle front are original as are the neck & armhole ruffles.   The pockets are from a t-shirt with heavy gold printing.

The ruffled lower back was a skirt. On the upper right side I added a vintage doily. At the waist many bits and pieces.

Thank you to Diane Ericson for the "Bits and Pieces" concept at a Design Outside the Lines workshop.

More to come!

Happy Upcycling, 
Michelle Paganini