Thursday, May 25, 2017


Hellooooo good people !

I have been on a reconstructing rampage because I finally found a style that is flattering for a lot of people: it is somewhat loose but still defined, has POCKETS (who does not LOVE pockets !) and is a bit whimsical because it is asymmetrical.

So I have a lot of lightweight-fabric clothing: skirts, dresses, blouses, made from crepe and other sheers.

So I started with 2 skirts and a dress, well actually its lining.  
A rayon maxi skirt

One of those 90's wrap-around skirts...

The lining of this dress is actually violet...

So I like to mix and match patterns and I LOVE polka dots and 60's geometric patterns.

So here is the result:

The sleeves from the dress' lining and the polka dot from my stash.

I love the lines of this pattern and the deep asymmetrical pockets.  The slightly loose fit is very flattering for many shapes and size.  I am going to make a lot more in different sizes too.  I have a lot of colourful and bold fabrics.  Can't wait to have some time to sew because I have sewliltime !!!  You can get more information on my blog: sewliltime. :)



Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Madewell Inspired Distressed Denim Jacket Refashion

This refashion was inspired by this super cute Madewell Distressed Denim Jacket. My mom got one about a month ago and I really wanted one haha. :) Since I had a denim jacket already in my closet, I decided to update it. That is what I love about refashioning: using things you already have and once loved. I am totally in love with this jacket as I once was when I first got it!


1. I cut the collar off and distressed it.

2. I added in new front and back yoke pieces.

3. I added two panels in the back to make the jacket less fitted.

4. I cut the hem and distressed it.

For the full tutorial, photos, and other refashions please visit Sew Much Love, Mary.

Frumpy Skirt Refash

This is a very quick re-fash..

I started out with a frumpy skirt that was not flattering on me. I hemmed it to a much shorter length...

Before and After:



how to change men's shirt 👨 into 👉 👩 ladie's one


Do you dream about having shirts 👘 or maybe more  shirts 👕👘 But you just can't find even one perfect shirt 😸. Visit my tutorial and see how to resize shirts, how to fit them perfectly, how                      to add darts and how to change men's shirt 👨 into 👩ladie's one.
                                    Your shirt can be your best friend 😉

                            Men's shirt Before resizing and refashion
This too big men's shirt had it all: lovely color , great fabric 👉 100% egyptian cotton and nice metal snaps.
It was perfect material for refashion,
 how could I resis😊

                                                                         during work 👊

         here you may see ready shirt on me , it's super comfortable  and  fits perfectly 
                                           I added 👉 patches as well 

          Men's shirt Before resizing and refashion and  ladie's shirt After

1. pleated skirt 👉👗
2. sneakers 👉👟

A new shirt for Sheila

I'd had these two Goodwill bargains hanging around for quite a while, and thought it might be fun to combine them.

I cut most of the blue sweatshirt off (another piece for the fabric stash), and cut the XXL men's shirt across at the armpits. I switched the shirt to button down the back. It was wide enough to make pleats - one inverted at CF, and one either side of the button band on the back.
I stitched the chopped off garments together, and overlocked the edges.
Well.....not the most imaginative of refashions, but it'll help to hide the belly until I wrangle my appetite under control!
Later that same week................
Hmm, had left Sheila standing quietly in the corner for a couple of days, wearing this and thought it looked quite cute. Then, I put it on and had my husband take photos  - it looked terrible!!

I will use the idea of the chopped off T with a shirt bottom, but I guess Sheila can have this one - not that she gets out much, usually just hangs around the house naked!
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