Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Costume Archives #1 - Victorian Peplum Jackets

Linen peplum jacket refashioned by karenvallerius.co.uk
Spring is in the air ... my stash busting continues ... my photo archives edit has begun!

About 18 months ago I refashioned a series of costume inspired garments, some of them with a steampunk vibe, including several Victorian inspired peplum jackets.

Denim peplum jacket refashioned by karenvallerius.co.uk

I found that the best method of adding a peplum to a jacket was to cut the jacket around the waistline, then construct the peplum by adding panels of contrast fabric, and then stitching back on the the original jacket.

More jackets on my blog here.

Happy stitching everyone x

Too Big For My Britches (Leggings)

Hello Refashion Co-op. This post is about leggings. Leggings that fit all over except the waist. They're supposed to be super comfy but these just didn't have enough tummy room for me.
 I didn't know United Airlines was going to have a huge leggings incident this past weekend, but it made my refashion more timely.

They were a bit long so I used the extra length to add some room to the waistband. I cut a few inches off the bottom of the legs and re-hemmed them.  I added a triangle shape from the cut off pieces to each side of the pants.

I did this with a couple pairs of leggings. They are perfect for home, exercise, pajamas.... but they were just a little too tight around the waist. (More exercise could probably help this problem too.)

I cut off the extra length from the legs. I could have used any knit material, if I didn't have this extra to play with.

I cut out two small triangles from the ends. The size of the triangle would depend on how much tummy room you needed.

I matched up the triangles to the cuts I made in each side of the pants. I sewed them in. They didn't fray so they didn't need to be finished on the edges, but that would look neater.

I did a lounge test while my toddler destroyed the house and the leggings performed very well.

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Un petit recyclage ....

Voilà un petit moment que je n'ai pas publier ici, alors voici un petit recyclage tout simple :

Un petit tee-shirt dont j'aimais beaucoup le tissu. 
Et voici ma réalisation : 

Et si vous voulez en voir plus, c'est Ici 
A très bientôt,
Elisa Elisa

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Funky Shirt Refash

This refash pushed me out of my comfort zone. I took a shirt with a very funky bold print. I've got to tell you, I really liked the final result!
dscn1217It's hard to see but the bottom of the shirt has a band of black elastic. Makes it a bubble shirt!
dscn1220I did not care much for the length of thr sleeves. My original idea was to cut the length off the sleeves ans make a new hem. But I was fooling with the new length of the sleeves I rolled the sleeves and decided I liked the rolled up look instead.
dscn1221I rolled the sleeves 3 times and sewed to secure underneath.
dscn1222Then a small stitch to secure the top.
dscn1223I removed the top 3 buttons.
dscn1224I put a small stitch to secure the inside flap around the neck. I wanted to tack it down because it kept popping up and itching my neck.
dscn1225After I removed the top buttons I folded down the front to make a v-neck. Sewed that down.
Pretty snazzy, right!?
We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our roomies acceptance into the social work PhD program! She's such a hard worker and we are so proud!
Happy Refashioning!!!

Check out my stash of refashions on my blog: http://therefashstash.wordpress.com

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Dress to tunic refashion

Before viscose dress with bell sleeves

I was given this dress last year but didn't really have a plan for it.

I don't like bell sleeves, they get in the way so I started by getting rid of them and using one as a neckline enhancement.

In progress neckline

I unpicked the neckline binding and re-attached it incorporating the bell sleeve as a sort of frill, which also made the neck a bit smaller.

There have been a few posts about tunics lately so I decided this dress would become one, by chopping an appropriate amount off the length, adding some side tab openings and making the sleeves elbow length.

There are more photos and details here

Finished tunic

It made good holiday wear.