Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Paisley with Purpose - Dress Reworked into Top

reworked paisley top and brooch by karen vallerius

A few years ago I reworked a boring vintage cotton paisley dress into this 1950s style retro top.  I love the colourway of this paisley and like to wear the top with jeans.  Of course, there were a few smaller scraps left over from the project (and of course I cannot throw any textile pieces away!) and this week I made some flower brooches, one of them shown above. 

reworked paisley top and brooch by karen vallerius

More about this project on my blog.

Happy stitching everyone x

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In The Navy

Hello Refashion Co-op. I put together this navy blue outfit from 2 separate pieces. I just liked how they looked together. The blouse was too big and the sleeves were way too long. The skirt was also too big. I like the full round skirt. The shape felt like the 50's, a little. 

I removed the sleeves and turned the raw edge under and stitched it down. I followed the seam that was already there and stitched over it.

I took a little off each side at the waist. This kept the skirt full but nicely fitted around the waist.

I liked the 50's vibe this outfit had. It was really comfortable in the August heat too. 

That is a BIG cup of beautiful caffeine in my hand.

For more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

That boring discoloured cardi - Greenery #3

This is one of those stables, that if I were ever to compose a capsule wardrobe, it would befinitely be part of it. Unfortunately the white had gotten a greyish tint.

I have a solution for that: Green.

Then I did the same as with the skirt from yesterday: Removed the buttons and added new black ones. These facet decoration beads I had had forever, and I am beginning to take a liking to facet buttons/beads/decoration again.
I made them into buttons by sewing them on very loose and making a stem with the thread.

My old favourite is back from near death, alive and kicking.

Blogpost: That boring discoloured cardigan


For my 10 year high school reunion, I thought it would be fun to refashion my old homecoming dress from high school.

I got the inspiration from a magazine at the grocery store.

I took some printed denim and added it onto the top to make sleeves.

Good for another decade!

Come check it out on my blog!

Do "tri" this at home.

It's a pun. My post is about a dress with triangles on it. I apologize for any groans my title causes. Also, I should warn you, this is the worst "before" picture ever.
 I assure you there are small triangles on there. See?
This dress another easy fix. I pretty much just wanted to make it smaller. I also like to take my '80s dresses back to the '40s. Google "80s does 40s dress." Here I did it for you. 
One of my new tricks is cutting off collars. Yup, I just hack off collars and it makes it easier to get a fitting bodice. In this case, I didn't take the whole thing, just the part that goes around the neckline
After de-collaring, I just did the usual reduction of excess fabric, including shorter sleeves. Here you go:
I used the flash on these pics and I'm guessing that's why it isn't nearly as hideous as the "before" shots. Also, I'm wearing makeup.
So, do feel free to check out the full post on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die. I talk about geometric prints!